Campus Progress: Supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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In this volume, over forty colleges, universities, and associations report the latest developments regarding the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Sections of the book include:

  • developing infrastructure
  • collaborating for change
  • instituting policies
  • documenting and assessing impact
  • learning along the way

Framed with essays by AAHE vice president Barbara Cambridge and Carnegie Foundation vice president Pat Hutchings, the multiple chapters reveal the strategies developed by colleges and universities or all kinds to foster the scholarship of teaching and learning on their campuses.

Learn what you and your campus can do to focus attention on scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning within and across disciplines, departments, and institutions. If you care about student learning, the kind of inquiry that helps you to promote that learning, and the ways in which your campus can support the scholarship of teaching and learning, you will find much of interest in Campus Progress

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