Journal on Excellence in College Teaching: Volume 25, Numbers 2

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How Are We Doing? Evaluating Facutly Teaching and Assesing Student Learning: A Message from the Editors - Laurie Richlin, Gregg W. Wentzell, & Milton D. Cox

Differences in Student Evaluations of Limited-Term Lecturers and Full-Time Faculty - Jeong-Il Cho, Koichiro Otani, & B. Joon Kim

First-Year Students' Perceptions of Instruction in Large Lectures: The Top-10 Mistakes Made by Instructors - K. Andrew R. Richards & Juan D. Velasquez

Student Evaluations of Faculty Members: A Call for Analytical Prudence - Darryl J. Mitry & David E. Smith

Metacognition: Student Reflections on Problem Solving - Shelly Wismath, Doug Orr, & Brandon Good

The Impact of Peer Review on Writing in a Psychology Course: Lessons Learned - Naureen Bhullar, Karen C. Rose, Janine M. Utell, & Kathryn N. Healey

Using Formative Assessment and Self-Regulated Learning to Help Developmental Mathematics Students Achieve: A Multi-Campus Program - John Hudesman, Sara Crosby, Niesha Ziechmke, Howard Everson, Sharlene Isaac, Bert Flugman, Barry Zimmerman, & Adam Moylan

Intellectual Curiosity in Action: A Framework to Assess First-Year Seminars in Liberal Arts Settings - Kenneth H. Kolb, Kyle C. Longest, & Jenna C. Barnett

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