Journal on Excellence in College Teaching: Volume 25, Numbers 3 & 4

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Small-Group Learning in Higher Education - Cooperative, Collaborative, Problem-Based, and Team-Based Learning - Neil Davidson, Claire Howell Major, & Larry K. Michaelsen

Boundary Crossings: Cooperative Learning, Collaborative Learning, and Problem-Based Learning - Neil Davidson & Claire Howell Major

Team-Based Learning Practices and Principles in Comparison with Cooperative Learning and Problem-Based Learning - Larry K. Michaelsen, Neil Davidson, & Claire Howell Major

Cooperative Learning: Improving University Instruction by Basing Practice on Validated Theory - David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, & Karl A. Smith

Kagan Structures, Processing, and Excellence in College Teaching - Spencer Kagan

Using Cooperative Structures to Promote Deep Learning - Barbara J. Millis

Using Classroom Assessment and Cognitive Scaffolding to Enhance the Power of Small-Group Learning - James Cooper & Pamela Robinson

Examining the Influence of Structured Collaborative Learning Experiences for Graduate Studies - Elizabeth A. Jones

Integrating Collaborative Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom - Anne Goodsell Love, Alexa Dietrich, Jason Fitzgerald, & David Gordon

Why Problem-Based Learning Works: Theoretical Foundations - Rose M. Marra, David H. Jonassen, Betsy Palmer, & Steve Luft

Problem-Based Learning: Outcomes Evidence from the Health Professions - Mark A. Albanese & Laura dast

"Now, What Happens During Class?" Using Team-Based Learning to Optimize the Role of Expertise Within the Flipped Classroom - Michael L. Wallace, Joshua D. Walker, Anne M. Braseby, & Michael S. Sweet

Effective Task Design for the TBL Classroom - Bill Roberson & Billie Franchini

Analysis of the Team-Based Learning Literature: TBL Comes of Age - Paul Haidet, Karla Kubitz, & Wayne T. McCormack

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