Using National Newspapers in the College Classroom: Resources to Improve Teaching and Learning

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Could a daily newspaper have a role to play in your course? Could it enrich your curriculum, stimulate pertinent discussion, nurture your students' intellectual curiosity, deepen their knowledge, and enhance their skills?

The New York Times has been used as a teaching resource in a great range and number of courses nationwide. The paper reflects the wide variety of topics in depth and quality, as well as the interest of educators in using supplemental materials to complement their standard text.

Newspapers enable many students to see timely applications of principles they study in courses such as history, government, science, and composition. Students can also gain a clearer understanding of these and other subjects, much as many longtime newspaper readers rely on their dailies for insight into the day's important issues. Newspapers at their best can fit very naturally into an educational program; they are themselves educational institutions, existing in order to inform their readers.

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