Invasion of the Drones: A New Frontier for Victimization

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Deviant Behavior






The use of recreational drones has only recently become a possibility for the general public. However, with the addition of this new technology comes the potential for misuse. Using a national sample (N = 535), this study explored the prevalence of victimization by recreational drones as well as beliefs and responses to deviant drones and their pilots. Of note, 30.8% of the sample had experienced some form of drone misconduct. Females and those with higher antisocial propensities were more likely to be victims of the more invasive drone behaviors, such as a drone peeking through a window of a home. In addition, the majority of respondents viewed deviant drones as an issue requiring a police response but were a bit more skeptical in the ability of the police to apprehend the errant drone pilots engaging in this behavior. Furthermore, the vast majority of respondents believed that drone misconduct should be criminalized. Although it remains to be seen how prevalent drone deviance will become, the potential for victimization exists and should be examined by practitioners and researchers alike.