Chapter 3: Cybercrime Research at the Crossroads: Where the Field Currently Stands and Innovative Strategies to Move Forward

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Cybercrime Through an Interdisciplinary Lens


Research on cybercrime has been largely bifurcated, with social science and computer science researchers working with different research agendas. These fields have produced parallel scholarship to understand cybercrime offending and victimization, as well as techniques to harden systems from compromise and understand the tools used by cybercriminals. The literature developed from these two fields is diverse and informative, but until now there has been minimal interdisciplinary scholarship combining their insights in order to create a more informed and robust body of knowledge.

This book offers an interdisciplinary approach to research on cybercrime and lays out frameworks for collaboration between the fields. Bringing together international experts, this book explores a range of issues from malicious software and hacking to victimization and fraud. This work also provides direction for policy changes to both cybersecurity and criminal justice practice based on the enhanced understanding of cybercrime that can be derived from integrated research from both the technical and social sciences. The authors demonstrate the breadth of contemporary scholarship as well as identifying key questions that could be addressed in the future or unique methods that could benefit the wider research community.

This edited collection will be key reading for academics, researchers, and practitioners in both computer security and law enforcement. This book is also a comprehensive resource for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students undertaking courses in social and technical studies.


This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis: Routledge in Cybercrime Through an Interdisciplinary Lens, 1st Edition on [2017], available online: https://www.routledge.com/Cybercrime-Through-an-Interdisciplinary-Lens/Holt/p/book/9781138668836.