Criminology’s Contribution to the Study of Digital Piracy

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Criminology’s Contribution to the Study of Digital Piracy


Non-Commercial digital piracy has seen an unprecedented rise in the wake of the digital revolution; with wide-scale downloading and sharing of copyrighted media online, often committed by otherwise law-abiding citizens. Bringing together perspectives from criminology, psychology, business, and adopting a morally neutral stance, this book offers a holistic overview of this growing phenomenon. It considers its cultural, commercial, and legal aspects, and brings together international research on a range of topics, such as copyright infringement, intellectual property, music publishing, movie piracy, and changes in consumer behaviour. This book offers a new perspective to the growing literature on cybercrime and digital security.

This multi-disciplinary book is the first to bring together international research on digital piracy and will be key reading for researchers in the fields of criminology, psychology, law and business.


This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis: Routledge in Digital Piracy: A Global, Multidisciplinary Account, 1st Edition on [2018], available online: https://www.routledge.com/Digital-Piracy-A-Global-Multidisciplinary-Account-1st-Edition/Brown-Holt/p/book/9781138067400.