Teaching Introduction to Criminal Justice


Teaching Introduction to Criminal Justice


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Teaching Introduction to Criminal Justice provides instructors with evidence-based and innovative strategies for teaching introductory criminal justice courses. The text emphasizes the importance of introductory criminal justice courses in providing a strong educational foundation for criminal justice and criminology majors. It offers instructors teaching tools and strategies to engage students and help them learn a wide range of content efficiently and effectively.

The book begins with discussions about curriculum planning, student-centered pedagogy, and selecting effective course materials. Subsequent chapters address creating a course syllabus that clearly states course goals, learning objectives, and course policies, as well as how to approach the first day of class and set the tone for the term. The book offers strategies for teaching large classes, teaching hybrid or online classes, and implementing innovative teaching and learning methods, including problem-based, collaborative, and experiential learning. It concludes with an overview of various approaches to student assessment, including backward design, formative and summative assessments, and high- and low-stakes assessments.

Featuring practical advice and innovative teaching approaches, Teaching Introduction to Criminal Justice is an effective resource for novice and tenured instructors alike.

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Teaching Introduction to Criminal Justice
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