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Fall 2016

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CEPH Integrative Experience Requirement: each student shall acquire skills and experience in the application of basic public health concepts and of specialty knowledge to the solution of community health problems and demonstrate integration of knowledge through a culminating experience.

The Student will register for PUBH 7235 A - The Public Health Integrative Experience Section A. This course has been designed to fulfill the requirement that all Master of Public Health degree candidates have the opportunity, as defined by the Council for Education on Public Health (CEPH), “to synthesize and integrate knowledge acquired in course work and other learning experiences and to apply theory and principles in a situation that approximates some aspect of professional practice”. All MPH students, regardless of program affiliation, can choose this option for the purpose of fulfilling the CEPH requirement in order to graduate. The student will complete this three (3) credit hour course during their Fall and Spring Semesters of 2nd year.

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