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Fall 2021

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Managerial Epidemiology provides a solid balance of baseline materials on epidemiologic methods with a focus on tools and skills required to succeed as a public health or healthcare manager. This course focuses on the purpose, focus and tools for managerial epidemiology, thus broadening the definition and scope of Epidemiology from the distribution, spread, and containment of health problems in populations to the planning, organization, and management of health services.

This course is designed for master’s level healthcare managers and graduate students in health policy and management. Students will develop hands-on, data-driven, analytic management skills. Managerial Epidemiology provides students the opportunity to apply epidemiologic data on incidence and prevalence in conjunction with administrative data on cost and quality in order to gain an understanding of the application of enhance access and delivery of high quality services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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Public Health Commons