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Fall 2019

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According to the CEPH (2016), a practical field experience in public health is an essential component of a comprehensive public health education. The intent of the Practicum is to place students who have mastered knowledge, skills, and abilities required of contemporary public health professionals in a practice, field-based situation. This experience will be monitored, refined, and evaluated by experienced practitioners and leaders of the public health community. The practicum experience is designed to be completed during the last academic semester and equates to a cumulative 300-hour field requirement (3 semester credit hours).  Fall /Spring enrollment equals a minimum of 20 hours per week over the 15 week semester  Summer enrollment equals a minimum of 25 hours per week over the 12 week semester Although some variation may exist with respect to an exact number of hours per week at the site, the practicum represents a longitudinal experience so students are strongly urged to adhere to the hour per week minimums outlined above. In certain situations, organizational representatives may only agree to serve as preceptors if students commit to more than the number of hours per week required by the JPHCOPH. In these instances, students must fully understand site expectations and agree to comply with the preceptor’s requirements. Otherwise, students must choose an alternative site. In addition, students who work full time may need to take a leave, personal days and/or vacation time to help meet the required practicum hours. Being employed full-time does not excuse a student from a practicum.

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