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Fall 8-12-2018

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Our world is becoming increasingly connected due to globalization. As a result, challenges arise that directly affect human, animal, and environmental health. One Health is an integrated approach that focuses on improving communication and collaboration across human, animal, and environmental health sectors. Because emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, climate change, and food safety represent a significant threat to health across all populations, the One Health approach is increasingly important to our comprehensive understanding of and response to global health challenges. This course will provide students an introduction to One Health and the skills needed to address issues at the human-animal-environmental interface. More specifically, this course will 1) examine how different disciplines contribute to the practice of One Health, 2) explain the importance of an ecological perspective through case-based applications, and 3) explore the value of epidemiologic principles in solving problems observed in disease detection and response. Through interdisciplinary mechanisms, this course will research team-oriented approaches to complex health problems and promote a framework for the holistic understanding of factors impacting global health and disease of all species.

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