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Fall 8-1-2018

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This course is designed to address research questions in biomedical and other health-related research using meta-analysis techniques. A survey of past and present challenges of such techniques will be addressed, as will a mixture of Frequentist and Bayesian approaches to meta-analysis. Typical research questions found in health-related issues such as prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and policy will be constructed, followed by the methodologies to analyze such health-related questions. The course will focus on modeling and implementation issues in meta-analysis for biostatistical applications. In particular, this course will emphasize such topics as heterogeneous study results, combining studies with different designs, advantages and disadvantages to using meta-analysis over large trials, meta-analysis for 2x2 tables with multiple treatment groups, meta-analysis of clinical trials, addressing biases, meta-analysis of patient survival data, among additional biomedical applications.

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