From Equilibrium-Based Business Intelligence to Information Conservational Quantum-Fuzzy Cryptography -- A Cellular Transformation of Bipolar Fuzzy Sets to Quantum Intelligence Machinery

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IEEE Transactions of Fuzzy Systems




A cellular transformation of bipolar fuzzy sets to quantum intelligence (QI) machinery is presented based on an ax-iomatic formulation of equilibrium-based business intelligence (EBBI) and information conservational quantum-fuzzy cryptog-raphy (ICQFC). It is proven that any active bipolar cognitive map can be normalized to a bipolar quantum-fuzzy cognitive map (BQFCM) – the logical equivalent of an information conserva-tional bipolar quantum-fuzzy logic gate for equilibrium-based quantum cellular rebalancing. Such rebalancing leads to EBBI and ICQFC – an unexpected combination with unexpected syn-ergy. Applicability of one EBBI algorithm and two ICQFC algo-rithms are illustrated. Information theoretic security and scalabil-ity of ICQFC are proved as a computational intelligence testbed for post-quantum cryptography. It is argued that, while the illogi-cal aspect of quantum mechanics prevents quantum computing from lending itself as an analytical paradigm, EBBI and ICQFC constitute a cellular transformation of bipolar fuzzy sets to high precision QI machinery – an equilibrium-based analytical para-digm for ubiquitous quantum modeling and quantum-digital com-patible computing. A QI architecture is drafted. A QI transfer pro-tocol is illustrated with ICQFC for EBBI. QI is thus distinguished by its ubiquitous, analytical, transferable, and quantum-digital compatible properties. It is asserted that QI as the most generic genre of intelligence underpins artificial and biological intelligence with mathematical, philosophical, and scientific distinctions. It is expected that through QI the research field of fuzzy sets and sys-tems is destined to advance to the forefront of modern science in-cluding but not limited to brain science and quantum cognition.