Data Warehouse and Master Data Management Evolution- A Meta- Data Vault Approach

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Issues in Information Systems


The paper presents a: a) brief overview and analysis of existing approaches to the data warehouse (DW) evolution problem, and b) detailed description of the research idea for the DW evolution problem (primarily intended for structured data sources and realizations with relational database engines). We observe the DW evolution problem as a double issue - from the DW perspective, and from the master data management (MDM) perspective. The proposed general solution will include a Data Vault (DV) model based metadata repository that will integrate the DW data and metadata with the MDM data and metadata. This historicized metadata repository will manage schema versions and support schema changes. We believe this integration will: a) increase the quality of data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), b) increase the quality of the metadata in the EDW, and c) increase the simplicity and efficiency of the DW and the MDM schema evolution.