Web-Enabled Intelligent System for Real-Time, Continuous Sensor Data Processing and Visualization

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of ACM Web3D conference(Web3D’19)




A large number of sensors deployed in recent years in various setups and their data is readily available in dedicated databases or in the cloud. Of particular interest is real-time data processing and 3D visualization in web-based user interfaces that facilitate spatial information understanding and sharing, hence helping the decision making process for all the parties involved.

In this research, we provide a prototype system for near real-time, continuous X3D-based visualization of processed sensor data for two significant applications: thermal monitoring for residential/commercial buildings and nitrogen cycle monitoring in water beds for aquaponics systems. As sensors are sparsely placed, in each application, where they collect data for large periods (of up to one year), we employ a Finite Differences Method and a Neural Networks model to approximate data distribution in the entire volume.


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