Towards Information-Centric Networking (ICN) Naming for Internet of Things (IoT): The Case of Smart Campus

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Future Networks and Distributed Systems






Information-Centric Networking (ICN) specifically Name Data Networking (NDN) is the name-base (content-base) networking and takes named-contents as "first class citizen", being considered as the ideal candidate to form the Future Internet basis. NDN striking features like named-data self-secured contents, name-base-forwarding, in-network caching and mobility support suits the Internet of Things (IoT) environment, which aims to enable communication among smart devices and to combine all Internet-based smart applications under the one roof. With these aims, IoT put many research challenges regarding its network architecture as it should support heterogeneous devices and offer scalability. IoT may depend on the names and addresses of billions of the devices and should smartly manage the bulk of data produced every second. IoT application smart campus has gained a lot of attention in both industry and academia due to many reasons. Therefore, to design NDN for IoT, a sophisticated naming scheme is needed to explore and it is the main motivation for this work. In this paper, we study NDN-IoT smart campus (in terms of connected devices and contents) and find that it lacks in a reasonable naming and addressing mechanism; and thus we propose NDN based Hybrid Naming Scheme (NDN-HNS) for IoT based Smart Campus (IoTSC).