Smart Health: A Novel Paradigm to Control the Chickungunya Virus

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IEEE Internet of Things Journal






Chikungunya is a mosquito instinctive disease which spreads hurriedly in various parts of the country. For the awareness and prevention measure of this disease a new paradigm in smart health required to be devised. The auspicious prospective of evolving Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for interconnected heterogeneous devices and objects has played vital role in the next generation health care systems for eminent patient care to protect the citizens from these types of diseases. Still there is need for real time health monitoring to analyze the patients for early preventive measures and precautions for healthy life. Smart Health care IoT has substantial impending for the cognizance of analogues monitoring. It includes the interconnected apps, objects (devices & People), communication technologies, tracking system and patients’ knowledge base. This article presents an IoT enabled model where data collected from the sensors, objects and people will be gathered at the cloud to take the preventive actions by healthcare professionals. Precautionary measures will be taken by collecting the information about causes of growth of mosquitoes. The suitability of the approach is validated at the base layer of IoT and data is transmitted to the cloud with the help of edge nodes. From simulations, it is endorsed that proposed approach is better over ME-CBCCP protocol.