Patient Specific 3D Surfaces for Interactive Medical Planning and Training

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The 3D Surface representation (S-rep) can be employed to illustrate solid models of physical objects. 3D S-reps have been successfully used in CAD/CAM, and in conjunction with texture mapping, in the modern gaming industry to customize avatars, improve the gaming realism and sense of presence. Current healthcare systems require patient specific information sharing for planning, training and patient education. We are proposing a cost effective method to generate patient specific S-reps and convert them to optimized X3D models in the context of medical simulations for planning, training and patient education. We assess the accuracy of the S-rep and its potential for inclusion in Web3D-based interactive medical simulations. We exemplify with an interactive X3D tool for medical planning and training of the complex X-Ray and Proton therapy procedures.


Web3D International Research Meeting


Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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