A Mixed-Methods Design Informed by CBPR for the Adaptation of an EBI for Latinos with Minor Depression and Chronic Disease

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Background: A mixed methods design informed by community-based participatory research (CBPR) offers advantages to a single research approach by engaging community and academic partners in collecting context-rich and empirical data to inform the translation of evidence-based interventions (EBI).

Purpose: This multiphase study sought to translate research findings for the adaptation of an EBI, self-management program (Tomando) for Latino individuals with chronic illness and minor depression (ICD). This presentation focuses on the mixed methods, CPPR approach used to guide phase I of the research.

Methods: Mixed methods employed include: a) focus groups with ICD and family members and b) key stakeholder semi-structured interviews followed by a survey. A community-academic team informed key decisions about research design, recruitment, and presentation of findings.

Results: Methodological issues arose regarding the heterogeneity of focus group members (e.g., rural versus urban, combining genders) and presence of illness in family members. Recruitment efforts indicated that depression was not well understood or endorsed by potential participants who exhibited depressive symptomatology. Other challenges include the limited health literacy of participants, the need for bi-lingual/bi-cultural staff to conduct and analyze research, and the need for a more diverse community sampling frame. Community partners; however, provided an insider perspective to overcome methodological challenges and the impact of stigma associated with depression on recruitment.

Conclusion: This CBPR approach allowed for the identification of practical solutions to methodological challenges while demonstrating important strategies for informing and influencing the translation of EBIs aimed at reducing or eliminating health disparities into practice.


American Public Health Association Annual Meeting (APHA)


Denver, CO