A Case Study of Re-AIM in Rural Georgia: Lessons Learned From Evaluating a Driving Under the Influence Prevention Campaign

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ONE Bulloch, a community-based DUI prevention campaign in rural Georgia, utilized multiple strategies (e.g., media campaigns, sobriety checkpoints) across multiple sectors to reduce alcohol-related traffic crashes and fatalities. The first author led an evaluation team in conducting an assessment of the intervention and outcomes associated with the three intervention strategies selected by the community. The Re-AIM (www.re-aim.org) evaluation framework guided the process and outcome evaluation efforts. The Re-AIM framework is one of the most community friendly yet comprehensive evaluation frameworks available. It enables evaluators to remain flexible and responsive to communities’ needs while balancing internal and external validity. A variety of evaluation methods including individual interviews, tracking, field notes, and intercept interviews were used in this evaluation. This presentation will provide a case study of using the Re-AIM evaluation framework in rural communities and provide an overview of lessons learned.


American Evaluation Association Annual Conference (AEA)


Minneapolis, MN