Evaluation and Refinement of a Prostate Cancer Treatment Seminar

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Journal of Cancer Education: 2012 International Cancer Education Conference Proceedings




Significance & Background: Prostate cancer survivors represent a large and growing group. Prostate cancer survivors have a variety of psychosocial and medical needs that change over time. In 2009, a seminar was developed by a multidisciplinary team at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) to help prostate cancer patients and their families learn about and prepare for treatment and disease related issues.

Purpose: To report on the lessons learned during the execution and evaluation of a newly develop prostate cancer treatment seminar.

Program: The prostate cancer treatment seminar is 90 minutes long and is delivered by RPCI clinicians, allied health professionals and behavioral scientists. The seminar provides attendees with information on: social work assistance, patient navigation, physical therapy, nutrition, pastoral care, psychology services, and nursing/clinic services.

Results: Survey results from a process evaluation indicated that a majority of seminar attendees were very satisfied with the seminar information and most attendees found the information useful. Process evaluation data also revealed that many eligible patients were not attending the seminar, particularly African Americans and Latinos. Interview data from non attendees revealed that transportation, competing schedules, and health issues were common barriers to attendance. In 2010, the seminar was video tape recorded and a DVD was created to expand the seminar’s reach.

Conclusion: The addition of the DVD has resulted in a vast improvement in the numbers of prostate cancer patients who receive the seminar content. More than twice the amount of patients now receive the seminar information via DVD than in-person. In person attendees and DVD viewers have similar ratings regarding the seminar’s usefulness.