Raising Our Voices, Communicating Our Existence


Raising Our Voices, Communicating Our Existence


Georgia Southern University faculty member Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas authored Raising Our Voices, Communicating Our Existence.


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Book Summary: Raising Our Voices provides complete and thorough coverage of the study and practice of public speaking, the seventh edition offers students theory and practical skills, presenting public speaking as an art form for transactional communication between speaker and audience.

The goal of this text is to make it one that will prepare students to become effective public speakers in any of the various speaking situations they may encounter in their lives. Whether they are presenting in a professional capacity, speaking as a community leader, offering a tribute to a retiring colleague, eulogizing a friend, delivering a commencement address, or sharing views as a concerned citizen, these and other public speaking situations will result in an effective message to the audience.

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Kendall Publishing Company


Dubuque, IA

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Raising Our Voices, Communicating Our Existence
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