What Management Education Will Real Business Need in the Future?

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The rapid change in the global ecosystem, the emergence of breakthrough technologies dictates the need for dramatic rethinking of traditional approaches to the management of companies, of the economy and of specific processes. Requirements are changing to managers and leaders, their personal qualities, their level of understanding of, and ability to use, both the emerging new technological capabilities and the expanded “soft power” tools. In business education, four new focuses have been identified that determine the vector of changes: ●inclusion of modern technologies in the educational process and widespread introduction of knowledge and skills needed to use digital methods in management, into programs●reflection in educational programs of new requirements to human capital and, in particular, to leaders in the context of new ecosystem formation;●“fine tuning” of training programs to make them serve the interests of society, and not just the business, social responsibility and sustainable development;●restructuring of the business education quality assessment system and the resulting change of benchmark leaders in the industry. All the above facts have led to debate about changes in KPIs for leading global rankings.


Gaidar Forum


Moscow, Russia