Descriptive Comparison of Academics’ and Practitioners’ Perceptions of Key BIM Maturity Indicators

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Contribution to Book

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management




This paper investigates the prioritization of key Building information modeling (BIM) maturity indicators as perceived by global BIM-related academics and practitioners. A review of literature generated an initial pool of BIM maturity (BIMM) indicators. The perception of global BIM-related experts in the identified BIMM indicators was collected through a survey. Descriptive statistics and ranking comparison were used to study the perceived difference of key BIMM indicators between academics and practitioners in the USA, in the non-USA countries, and in the world. The results identify the underlying consensus and disagreement on the key BIMM indicators between the groups. This research has both academic and practical implications. Academically, it helps the academics to better understand the demand of the practitioners in order to improve design and revise BIM-related curriculum. Practically, the practitioners can better understand the background and qualification of their current and future BIM-related workforce through the academics’ emphasis of BIM.