A Compact and Versatile Wireless Sensor Prototype for Affordable Intelligent Sensing and Monitoring in Smart Buildings

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Proceedings of the International Workshop on Computing for Civil Engineering




Intelligent sensing or monitoring has emerged as one the most attractive technologies in smart buildings. Recently, wireless sensor network is increasingly popular in smart building applications. One big remaining challenge is how to integrate multiple sensors conveniently under the system constraints of low-cost and small form-factor. For owners or users of smart buildings, installing wireless sensor networks for each sensing function is cost prohibitive. An alternative approach is to assemble multiple sensing functions (e.g., humidity, temperature, occupancy) into one node. This study presents a design of miniature and affordable wireless sensor node prototype, which is versatile to support five sensing functions (i.e., temperature, carbon dioxide, room occupancy, lighting and fire detection) via three sensors (i.e., a temperature sensor, a light sensor and a CO2 sensor). Experimental tests have been performed to verify the functionality and benefits of this proposed prototype.