Global Stakeholders’ Perception of Key BIM Maturity Indicators

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Contribution to Book

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering


This study investigates the prioritization of key BIM Maturity (BIMM) indicators by stakeholders with experience in BIM-assisted projects. A literature review was conducted to identify an initial pool of BIMM indicators, based on which a survey was generated and administered to global BIM-related practitioners. Descriptive statistics and ranking comparison are used to study the perceived importance of each BIMM indicator for practitioners with different business types and experiences. The results show that although there is a general agreement in the key BIMM indicators and the key dimensions among stakeholders with different profiles, there are significant differences in the perceived importance and ranking of some specific indicators and dimensions. This research has both theoretical and practical contributions. Theoretically, this study offers empirical evidence and possible justification about the underlying differences and agreement among global practitioners with different profiles. Practically, current BIM practitioners can improve their BIM implementation by focusing on the key areas of BIMM and by better understanding the perceived difference of different stakeholders. Meanwhile, potential adopters of BIM can understand what BIM implementation really entails and the perceived focus of BIMM by practitioners with different years of experience.