Comparative Health Systems: Jordan

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Comparative Health Systems: Global Perspectives




Georgia Southern University faculty member Hani M. Samawi co-authored "Comparative Health Systems: Jordan" in Comparative Health Systems: Global Perspectives, 1st Edition.

Book Summary: In an increasingly globalized society, a clear understanding of international healthcare systems is a fundamental step toward improving the quality of health and healthcare systems in the United States and abroad.

Comparative Health Systems: Global Perspectives explores the health systems of 17 countries through comparative study. Using a consistent framework, the chapters offer an overview of each country's history, geography, government, and economy, as well as a detailed analysis of the country's healthcare system facilities, workforce, technology, cost, quality, and access. Current and emerging issues are also explored. The book concludes with a look at the changing U.S. healthcare system and the global challenges and opportunities for health.

Ideal for courses in global health, international affairs, health administration, and public health, this innovative text challenges its readers to reflect deeply about how health care is organized and delivered.