Childhood Asthma in Georgia: Comparison with Other States Together

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This article investigates the childhood asthma in Georgia comparing with the other states together based on a survey data from National Survey of Children's Health (NSCH) 2003 and provided by Center for Disease Control and Prevention Hyattsville Maryland location. Some risk factors of asthma in Georgia are found to be statistically significant. The comparison with the factors between Georgia and the other states together are carried out to get insight about the problem of childhood asthma in Georgia. Preliminary logistic regression analysis revealed that race, poverty level, weight, and respiratory allergy are significant covariates for childhood asthma in Georgia. However, in the other states together, beside those risk factors for Georgia, the analysis revealed that gender, medical preventative care, metropolitan statistical area, and insurance are also significant to childhood asthma. Second-hand smoking is beyond the reach of statistical significance as a risk factor for childhood asthma in both Georgia and the other states together.


American Public Health Association Annual Conference (APHA)


Denver, CO