Evolutionary and Comparative Analysis of Aquaporin Water Channel Genes in Fish

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The Bulletin: Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory




The role of aquaporin water channels in some teleost fish has been described for some (orthologues of mammalian) aquaporins, especially aquaporins1 (AQP) 0, 1 and 3, however to date the role of aquaporins in other more ancient fish lineages such as the Elasmobranches and Agnathans remains almost completely uninvestigated. The goal of this project is to identify homologous aquaporin genes from Elasmobranches (dogfish shark; Squalus acanthias and bullshark; Carcharhinus leucas) and Agnathan (hagfish; Myxine glutinosa) species, and from ancient teleost fish species (eels; Anguilla anguilla and Anguilla rostrata) in order to answer a number of questions regarding the kind of aquaporin homologues that are present in these species and their relationship to aquaporins found in higher vertebrates. A longer term objective is begin to discern the physiological role, that any aquaporins found in Agnatha, Elasmobranches or Teleosts play.