Partner-Scholar-Intern-SHIP: A SMART Idea!

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How do we, as mathematics and science faculty, identify high quality, serious, professional NOYCE teacher candidates? The answer was found in the partnership between the Pre‐Professional Block (PPB) and internships, ultimately resulting in scholarships for STEM majors. The Pre‐Professional Block is a series of courses in the College of Education (COE) at Georgia Southern University offering instruction in educational foundations and professional behavior in the context of a public school field experience involving public schools that are partners with the College of Education. The PPB is required for admission to the Teacher Education Program for students seeking a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. While PPB is not required in the normal degree of study for mathematics and science majors, we require potential NOYCE Scholars or interns to complete one PPB course and the 50‐hour practicum. Internships are offered at local schools and educational facilities to provide opportunities for our interns to work directly with students in grades 6‐12, the grades in which they will eventually be certified to teach. The combination of internship and PPB experience provides three broad benefits: first and foremost, our interns gain real‐life teaching experience; secondly, the local educational community receives quality free assistance from highly‐qualified math and science majors; and finally, our committee benefits from feedback on these students in order to make better‐informed decisions about a candidate’s professionalism and dedication to a career in the teaching profession.


NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Conference


Washington, DC