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Cholera Transmission Dynamic Models for Public Health Practitioners

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Great progress has been made in mathematical models of cholera transmission dynamics in recent years. However, little impact, if any, has been made by models upon public health decision-making and day-to-day routine of epidemiologists. This paper provides a brief introduction to the basics of ordinary differential equation models of cholera transmission dynamics. I discuss a basic model adapted from Codeço (2001), and how it can be modified to test different hypotheses, including the importance of asymptomatic or inapparent infections, and hyperinfectious V. cholerae and human-to-human transmission. I highlight three important challenges of cholera models: (1) model misspecification and parameter uncertainty, (2) modeling the impact of water, sanitation and hygiene interventions and (3) model structure. I use published models, especially those related to the 2010 Haitian outbreak as examples. I emphasize that the choice of models should be dictated by the research questions in mind. More collaboration is needed between policy-makers, epidemiologists and modelers in public health.


American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Annual Meeting (ASTMH)


Washington, DC