Alan Altany

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Excerpt: "Program change is underway at the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning. Having taught college for about twenty years and directed a faculty center at another university, I became the full-time director of the CET in June 2006. With the collaboration and work of the whole staff, we have begun a new and re-imagined stage in the CET’s support for faculty in teaching, student learning, scholarship, and academic life. The banyan tree, the “tree that walks,” is now our logo. For why we are hanging out in its branches, and swinging from its roots, go to With those aerial roots, multiple trunks, and expanding canopy, the banyan epitomizes our new model for professional faculty development, a peer based, dissemination model based upon the scholarship of teaching and learning. Our vision quest is for a great percentage of the faculty to be actively involved in this program, and thus with colleagues, for a continuous transformation of teaching and learning and of the academic culture as a whole. Our model begins with respect and appreciation for the experience, knowledge and wisdom of Georgia Southern’s faculty about teaching, students, and scholarship. Working with faculty, we will seek to create opportunities for faculty to collaborate and reflect upon students’ learning and development. The CET advocates for professional and personal faculty growth and hopes to be an agent, even crucible, for that growth. We invite you to swing from the roots, climb the branches, rest in the shade of the canopy, or contemplatively watch the roots grow."