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Georgia Southern University, Award, History, Award, Art


  • Favorite Receives BFSDoArt’s Peter Smith Memorial Graphic Design Award
  • Patel Receives BFSDoArt’s Carolyn Joyner Memorial Scholarship
  • Reddish Receives BFSDoArt’s Eagle Nation on Parade Scholarship
  • Giordano Receives BFSDoArt’s Camp Scholarship and Mendel Segal Scholarship
  • Thompson Receives BFSDoArt’s George Wallis Scholarship
  • Davis Receives BFSDoArt’s Nelson Dow/Dana Kastory Southeastern Prepress Scholarship
  • Harris Receives BFSDoArt’s 2nd Place BFSDoArt Award & Rosalind D. Ragans Art Scholarship
  • Alderman Receives BFSDoArt’s Quad/Graphics Scholarship
  • Oren Receives BFSDoArt’s 3rd Place BFSDoArt Award & Robert J. Focht Memorial Award
  • Pettit Receives 1st Place in BFSDoArt Award
  • Barber Receives BFSDoArt’s Printing Industry Association of Georgia Scholarship
  • Hutchins Receives BFSDoArt’s Incoming Freshman Scholarship
  • Furlow Receives BFSDoArt’s Roxie Remley Scholarship
  • Morningstar Receives BFSDoArt’s Jeff Nichols Art History Award


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