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Portrait of Huldah C. Mingledorff


Photographic Print on Canvas


26 1/4" x 30 1/4"


4th floor Henderson - Wall across from fireplace in Lorimer Reading Room


Latest update from 2022: All fourth floor wall art currently is being stored in the 4208 suite Room 2 at Henderson Library.

Brief biography of Mrs. Mingledorff-Lorimer from

Huldah Mingledorff-Lorimer (1912-1998)

Huldah Cail was born on July 23, 1912 in Screven County, GA. She was the daughter of Dr. John C. Cail, who built Screven County's first hospital. In 1933, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from the University of Georgia.

Huldah survived three husbands. Her first husband was University of Georgia sports legend Vernon "Catfish" Smith. She and Smith had three children, and later divorced. She then married George Burford Lorimer whose father was editor-in-chief of the Saturday Evening Post from 1899-1937. Lorimer owned the 26,000-acre Millhaven Plantation near Sylvania, GA. Millhaven is the largest family-owned farm east of the Mississippi River.

After Mr. Lorimer passed away, Huldah took over the management of the plantation running it for nearly 40 years. A hallmark of the Plantation is Mr. Lorimer's prized book collection, which contains more than 10,000 volumes, including such rarities as original issues of the Saturday Evening Post.

Her third husband was Lee Mingledorff, a former mayor of Savannah, who died in the mid-sixties. Mrs. Mingledorff was active in several charities and was a patron of the arts. She had a strong belief in the power of education -- she generously supported local schools and sponsored scholarships for students to attend medical school, college and seminary. Many times her generosity came anonymously, a selfless acknowledgement that the gift is more important than the giver.

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