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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Independent samples of 513 South African and 938 American consumers responded to an invitation-only, Internet-based survey that captured behavioural and attitudinal data regarding five constructs germane to customer citizenship. The five constructs were green mindset, anti-consumption behaviour, consumer coaching, green advocacy, and customer helping behaviour. Multi-item scales for all five constructs that had been shown to produce a high degree of reliability in prior research were gleaned from the literature. Results from South Africa and the United States were compared. High degrees of reliability were in evidence for each scale in each country. A comparison of the mean scores documented statistically significant differences between the two countries for all five scales. For each scale, the results from South Africa produced a higher mean than that which was in evidence in the sample of residents of the United States. These results imply that the South Africans tend to possess a stronger green disposition (attitude) while also embracing and engaging in anti-consumption behaviour, green advocacy, consumer coaching, and customer helping (behaviours) more so do their American counterparts.