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Spring 3-2023


Existing literature identifies the role of customers in promoting a brand on social media and in providing recommendations to others customers based on their own experiences with the brand. The recent focus on using social media has led to most firms becoming effective in using social media to develop customer communities, becoming content providers unlike traditional advertisers, and focusing on conversing with consumers rather than directing marketing messages at them (Barwise and Meehan, 2010). In this research, we conceptualize social media equity as comprising of a brand’s associations with customers on social media, quality perceptions of the retailer brand on social media, and advocacy of a brand on social media (Mathur 2020). To empirically examine the conceptual framework, we performed an online survey and distributed the survey to the customers of brands and customers who are using social media to stay connected with brands. The sample included 176 surveys and the data was assessed for psychometric properties and determined both convergent and discriminant validity. The data was analyzed using PLS- SEM. The results were statistically significant and indicated the strong moderating effect of social media capabilities on the relationship between customer promotions on social media and the social media equity of a brand. In a subsequent study, we intend to examine the effects of brand engagement and customer perceptions of brands on social media on social media equity and conduct an online survey with a greater sample size.

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