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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Spring 2023


In the past few decades, luxury brand counterfeiting has grown significantly worldwide, and this growth caused considerable damage to the knowledge-based globalized economy and the brands. The rapid development of e-commerce business, primarily during the pandemic, has facilitated the counterfeiting trades through small shipments by different modes of transportation. Counterfeit products can be found in many industries, such as common consumer goods, IT goods, agriculture goods, pharmaceutical items, and luxury items (fashion apparel). The measures adopted to combat luxury brand counterfeiting are minimal to what should have been done. This study proposes that social media activism against counterfeiting is critical to altering consumers' attitudes toward luxury brand counterfeiting and creating moral awareness about counterfeiting to change consumers' counterfeit purchase intentions. Similarly, there is no denying that enforcement activism is fundamental to deter counterfeiters from keeping the counterfeiting-proliferation under control.