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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Spring 2023


The game of golf is incredibly historic and enjoyed by many people from numerous different age groups across many parts of the world. The research involving the game of golf is often limited to the topics of golf club engineering and injury prevention within the game. The consumer decision-making process for golf equipment has been primarily under-researched. This study explores the consumer decision-making process involving golf equipment and provides propositions to achieve strategic organizational goals. Propositions are made concerning supply chain intricacies containing the inclusion of personalization and customization and including women's equipment displayed in marketing activities. There is room for further research regarding the consumer decision-making process for golf equipment, such as golf clubs and clothing, and encouraged empirical studies comparing multiple consumer demographics such as age, gender, and location. The marketing aspect of the game of golf is a promising endeavor for the growth and advancement of golf equipment manufacturers, specifically as the consumer decision-making process for this industry is further discovered.