Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Proceedings 2020


Exploring the Effect of Shocking Advertising Used by For-profit and Nonprofit Organizations in US and Chinese Consumers

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Marketing Research/ Demographics/ Consumer Behavior

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The purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of shocking advertising when applied by a nonprofit versus a for-profit organization. Particularly, this study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of shocking ads in terms of attitude toward the ad (Aad), brand attitude (Ab), and intention to behave. This investigation also compares consumers’ cognitive responses to shocking and non-shocking ads. The data was collected in the US and China. A total sample of 443 was used to compare the effects of shocking and non-shocking advertising in American and Chinese consumers. Overall, the results indicate consumers held more positive Aad and Ab toward non-shocking ads than toward shocking ads. No significant difference was detected in consumers’ intention to behave between shocking and non-shocking ads. When both using shocking advertising, consumer elicited more positive Ab and intention to behave toward the nonprofit organization than the for-profit organization. However, no difference was found in Aad when shocking advertising was used by nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Lastly, this study found similarly high intention to behave toward nonprofit organizations regardless the form of ads.

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