Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Proceedings 2020

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A sample of 1,243 adult residents of the United States provided insight into an array of issues germane to sustainability. Upon completing a 65-question survey on sustainability, each respondent placed themselves in an eco-group that they felt best corresponded to their own behavior and attitudes towards the task of keeping the planet green for ourselves, and perhaps more importantly, for our posterity. The five groups ranged from the eco-destroyer to the eco-warrior. Within the survey, each respondent provided their opinions regarding seven multi-item scales that primarily addressed green issues; some scales addressed business behavior while others addressed issues such as their own personal affinity towards nature, their green opinions, and their role as a vocal advocate of green initiatives. One-way ANOVA coupled with the Scheffé Method of Multiple Comparisons identified differences in the mean scores for the seven multi-item scales across the five eco-groups. Discriminant analysis was used to further determine which of the scales played significant roles in the task of differentiating among the five groups.

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