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The primary goal of this study embraces Hughner and team’s (2007) directive to focus new research on the growing segment of occasional consumers of organic and natural foods, rather than limit the search for consumer insights to the small, elitist groups of deeply committed consumers. Research questions address the demographics, attitudinal, and behavioral characteristics that identify organic foods as a premium product. Primary recommendations for marketing practitioners include focusing on higher income consumers, especially married individuals, who live in highly populated areas; creating a pleasant shopping experience; promoting non-food related organic items, and investing in brand presence and salience.

About the Authors

About the Authors

Marilena O. Vilceanu, Ph.D.

B.A. University of Bucharest, M.A. University of Bucharest, Ph.D. Temple University Dr. Vilceanu's teaching is informed by her international background and experience in communication and management in industry, political organizations, and higher education. Her research interests include semantic network analysis of advertising and media coverage of major issues in science and technology, and communication campaigns using fragmented media, as well as framing, international, and interpersonal communication.

Olivia Grasso

Olivia Grasso is an undergraduate student at Rowan University. She studies history, foreign languages, primarily Italian and German, and anthropology, using all of the tools in each of these disciplines to bring an interdisciplinary approach to her work. After she finishes her undergraduate studies, she will work towards achieving her Ph.D in history.

Kristine Johnson, Ph.D.

B.S. University of Texas, M.S. Texas Christian University, Ph.D. Florida State University Dr. Johnson teaches courses in marketing communication and advertising. She has industry experience in strategic digital communication and a background in commercial, public, and community radio broadcasting. Dr. Johnson’s research focuses on consumer behavior, especially in relation to audience use of digital media. She has presented her work at multiple conferences and has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals.

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