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The research project aims to identify a relationship between self-identification based on the social identity theory and feelings towards a particular show. Focusing the research on four fictitious shows with similar plot lines, but different casts of the same ethnic group, the research team has created a questionnaire that asked questions relating to the shows and participant social identity. The survey sample consists of 241 individuals between the ages of 18 and 28. The results show that there is a positive predictive relationship between feeling that your social group is represented in a show and attitudes towards that show, as well as intentions to watch the show. Understanding the participant’s viewing attitudes and behaviors relating to their self-identification will provide insight to marketers that will aid in future development of media including television series and film that is more understanding of the new nuances that dictate viewership behavior.

About the Authors

Rachel Kavena Secharan

Florida State University

Rachel Secharan (B.A. Media & Communication Studies and Psychology, Florida State University) is a graduate student in the Integrated Marketing Communication Masters program at Florida State University. She is a research assistant with the Cognition and Emotion Lab in the Florida State School of Communication currently working on studying anti-tobacco advertising. Her research interests include Media Psychology, Psychophysiological methods, Consumer Behavior, and Digital Marketing.

Hillary Greenberg

Florida State University

Hillary Greenberg is a Masters student in the Integrated Marketing Communications Program at Florida State University. Additionally, she is pursuing a Masters certificate in multicultural marketing. She received her undergraduate degree in Marketing from the College of Business at Florida State University. She worked in management, HR and advertising before returning to school to pursue her masters. Her research interests include Experience Marketing, Multicultural Marketing and Nonprofit Branding.

Juancarlo Villatoro

Florida State University

Juancarlo Villatoro is a master's student in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Florida State University. He is currently pursuing a certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication and is a mentee in the Advisory Board Mentorship program at the Center for Hispanic Marketing. He is an active member of the Multicultural Marketing Association of Students (MMAS). His research interests include Hispanic Marketing Communication, LGBTQIA+ Marketing Communication, Branding, Social Marketing, Social Media, and Fashion Communication. He received his Bachelor's of Science in Anthropology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Princess Brown

Florida State University

Princess Brown (B.A. in Psychology, Claflin University), is a Masters student in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Florida State University pursuing a certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication. Her research interests include Consumer Behavior, Academic Recruitment, Multicultural Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing, Cause-related Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Jaejin Lee

Florida State University

Jaejin Lee (Ph.D. in Mass Communication, University of Florida), is an assistant professor in the College of Communication and Information at Florida State University. Her research interests include Consumer Behavior, Branding, Strategic Marketing, Cause-related Marketing, Social Marketing, New Media, and Health Communication. She has published her research in Journal of Marketing Communications, Journal of Business research, International Journal of Business and Management, Journal of Advertising and Promotion Research, etc.

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