Managing the Brand Life Cycle

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Many marketing and non-marketing professionals use the term brand and product interchangeably when discussing a marketing strategy. The use of the two concepts can blur and become indistinguishable. This confusion may be the reason why there are so many products but so few successful brands.

This paper will discuss the introduction and development of the “Brand Life Cycle©” (BLC) model. The presentation throughout this paper will clearly and distinctly compare and contrast why it is important for both the marketing professional and senior executives within a company to re- focus and use the model to draw attention to one of the most significant assets a company may have, its brand.

Although the BLC is similar in function to the well-established product life cycle model, the BLC more precisely and distinctly identifies the unique brand stages from product stages. So, even after the product has withered on the vine and is gone, the brand can maintain through a dormancy and revive and begin to grow a new and more fruitful product.

This said the brand metrics could allow a marketer to consider strategic decisions based not only on the product’s current position but also on the position of the brand. The implementation of these decisions and the pro-formance results can help to improve the over-all financial condition of the company.

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