An Assessment of Business Ethics in a Technology-Driven Environment: Consumer Attitudes Germane to an Emerging Array of Strategic Initiatives

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A sample of 950 adult residents of the United States provided their perspectives regarding their acceptance or rejection of 20 questionable business behaviors. These actions were either businesses’ responses to technology or they represented ways in which technology has been incorporated as part of an organization’s marketing strategy. Thirteen of the 20 technology-driven actions were deemed unacceptable by the respondents with the greatest disdain exhibited for a company posting bogus online reviews and using SPAM as a marketing tool. Most acceptable were self-service check-outs and one-to-one marketing using data from loyalty cards. All 20 actions were related to between one and six of the seven demographic variables used in this study with ethnicity and age having the greatest influence whereas the respondents’ number of children exhibited the least influence. Principal Components Analysis identified four latent sub-dimensions: involvement, communication, privacy and passive.

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