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Because of the low cost, fast expansion of the Internet and increasing demand for innovative educational systems, online learning is becoming popular and attractive (Zhang, Zhao, Zhou, and Jr, 2004). As of 2009, almost 12 million out of 20.4 million post-secondary students, within the United States, took at least one online course and this number will reach 22 million by 2014 (Nagel, 2009). The explosion of the use of online learning systems in higher education, allows students to leave the online programs quite easily (Tham and Werner, 2005). Therefore, educational institutions should try to retain their existing students. Thus, student satisfaction and student loyalty with online learning systems, become crucial concerns for educational institutions (Tham and Werner, 2005). The purpose of this descriptive research is to investigate the relationships between factors that may lead to customer loyalty in online educational organizations .

About the Authors

Dr. Ali Dehghan has received his PhD from Eastern Michigan University in 2012 and currently serves as an Assistant Professor at Wesleyan College at the Business & Economics Dept. He has had several publications in voluminous marketing journals. He also, has an outstanding work experience in several international companies in the whole world in the marketing field.

Dr. John Dugger is a professor in the School of Technology Studies at Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Dugger has secured more than $950,000 in grants and has authored more than 40 publications in juried journals. His scholarly interests include assessing the impacts of training interventions in manufacturing organizations. He has more than 20 years of experience as a faculty member and administrator in higher education.

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