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Today’s body of business research and practice is reaching new frontiers in many arenas, making it poignant to ask: How will the business curriculum change in order to provide excellence and satisfy numerous stakeholders? The purpose of this panel discussion is to foster dialogue that shares information about changes to the business curriculum in an environment characterized by sustained demand for effective teaching. Technology will continue exerting a profound impact on all aspects of higher education. Yet, the data suggests other factors of major influence, specifically: the ongoing increase in college enrollment, the continued dominance of business and other occupational degrees, the urgent need for funding to replace government sources, and a new emphasis on student/employee certification of knowledge. The major influences are consistent with several underlying theories. The Theory of Vocational Selection notes the singular importance of student personality with application to double-digit growth in veteran enrollment and projections for increased growth rates across the country. Agency Theory has relevance for its applications to stakeholders, specifically those between university-business and university-student. Strategy Theory cites the importance of innovation in both for-profit and non-profit industries. Theories of Change in Curriculum/Pedagogy present data related to flexible scheduling, new business degrees, more interdisciplinary programs, the re-emergence of military history in business curriculum, and the increase in certification exams, including those offered by Pearson, a renowned textbook publisher embarking on innovative products and delivery. Applications of theory find that universities have a new dependence on students – current and alumni - to replace the decline in public funding. Student enrollment is highly competitive within universities and across the industry. What many industries measure as ROA may be measured as enrollment and alumni donations in the industry of higher education. As this panel discusses changes in higher education, it will attempt to answer the question: How will the business curriculum change in order to provide excellence and satisfy numerous stakeholders?

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