Panel on Legal and Moral Issues in Marketing

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You can’t legislate morality in either government agencies or private companies. With the rapid growth of Federal, State, and Local regulations, marketers are more and more at risk of running afoul of the law. Exhibit A is the huge fine Glaxo paid recently under allegations that Glaxo marketed some drugs illegally and defrauded the Medicaid program. Is that $3 Billion just a cost of doing business, or is it a moral issue as well which fuels hatred of capitalism exhibited by Occupy Wall Street as much as the bank bailouts? On the other side we have seen the EPA try to hide its risk of unreliability electric grid analysis in a quest to eliminate all coal fired power plants, followed by the ‘Christmas Tree’ tax of 15 cents being proposed as corporate welfare to the Christmas tree lobby for advertising paid for by taxpayers. In addition, the FDA just withdrew Avastin® from the market for treating Stage IV breast cancer. Should a single head of a Federal Agency make life and death issues concerning a drug being marketed already?

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