Consumer's Channel Choice: Effects of Consumer Shopping Experience and Demographic Characteristics


Haiyan Hu

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Sales Promotion/ Retailing

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The primary goal of this study is to examine what role consumers’ shopping experience plays in their choice of shopping venues between online and shopping malls. We also investigated whether their channel choice vary across the product categories. A mail survey was conducted to collect information regarding a consumer’s channel choice between online and physical stores for five product categories: clothing, electronics, books, toys, and video/music. For each category, multiple regression analysis was conducted with percentage share of purchase online or at the mall as dependent variables. The results showed that consumers who choose to shop online for these products are not seeking aforementioned shopping experience. Second, the more consumers recognize the mall to be the source of activities and destination for clothing shopping, the more likely they would shop online. On the other hand, the uniqueness of the mall likely draws consumers back to the mall. consumer with higher income are more likely choose a shopping channel other than the mall, at least for consumer electronics, books, and toys. Older consumers are more likely to shop at the mall for clothing and electronics. Implications for retailers and mall operators are discussed.

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