Marketing Services to the Millennial Generation: A 24/7 Connectivity to Extraordinary Offerings

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Social Media is an engaging medium that permits the user to compose, amend and circulate digital information at a nominal cost. Digital native undergraduates have immersed themselves in this technology to the extent that they are connected, creating, and texting 24/7. Vicariously know as millenniums, universities and colleges around the globe are struggling to educate, entertain, and service a sheltered, pampered, and savvy market that firmly believes they are entitled. All professors can confirm their student’s preoccupation or obsession with social media as they text, tweet and blog, nonstop, through class. Employing social media as a viable delivery platform as well as a mechanism to connect with the targeted cohorts are the basic rudiments this investigation revealed. Marketing services to the millennial generation necessitates patients, incorporation of online and social media and relentless attention to detail, while maintaining a constant availability. This study examined the service expectations and preferences of millennial college students and determined a traditional proclivity towards authority and achievement, but also revealed the methods and approaches require adaptation and tolerance.

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